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"Gold and silver are money.
Everything else is credit."

Who We Are

Purshottam Kanji & Co. is a partnership company established in 1970 in the UAE. It is one of the major exporters of precious metals from the UAE to the Indian Sub-continent & Europe.


Peekay Intermark Limited is a limited liability company established in 1988 and is the flagship company of the Purshottam Kanji group. It is engaged in the trading of precious metal products.


What We Do 

Purshottam Kanji & Co. is a leading market maker for various precious metals products such as Gold, Silver & Platinum. Customers include jewelers, traders, refineries, and financial institutions both locally as well as internationally in places such as the Indian Subcontinent, Europe and GCC countries.

Our Values


Knowledge & Expertise

Purshottam Kanji & Co. is managed by an experienced team of professionals who pride themselves on ensuring the highest standards of integrity, ethics, corporate governance, and compliance, whilst advancing regional development and sustainable growth in the region.

Competitive Pricing

Purshottam Kanji & Co. offers complete solutions for the precious metals sector in the region and has forged strong relationships with international bullion banks and local refineries, enabling us to offer extremely competitive pricing and rates on precious metals products and services.


Physical Bullion 

We offer physical bullion in various forms, from large bars to smaller investment bars as well as scrap. This helps facilitate the buying and selling of bullion to customers of all kinds.

Metals Live Spot Price

Please note that these prices are purely indicative and are for discussion purposes only.
They are not binding and may be subject to variations. If you would like an exact quote please call us directly.

Live pricing
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